Gallerie Arc-en-Ciel” was founded in 1979 as a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging and assisting young Haitian artists. The founder, Latitia Schuett, a successful German-Haitian painter living in Cap-Haitian, utilizing her own resources, some financial assistance from her father, the West German consul in Haiti, and a grant from the German government in the form of art materials, was able to rent a three room apartment to serve as an atelier and gallery.

Ruth Reed, an American frequenter in Haiti, saw the amazing creativity and beauty of the work of the artists represented by Gallerie Arc-en-Ciel and working in the atelier. She took a group of the paintings to New York and organized an exhibition. The show’s overwhelming success marked the gallery’s genesis in The United States.

Today, 32 years later, The Gallery has flourished as have many of those original artists who have persisted and gone on to earn international reputations. Their exuberant spirits have created many masterpieces within the Haitian primitive tradition.

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